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# Git-Test
an example project to test git-mirroring and redmine-integration
## gitolite
1. create a repository with write-access only to the user *gitlab-mirror-service*
2. create a user *gitlab-mirror-service* (if not exists) ssh-credentials and write-access to the repository
3. add the public key to the gitolite keydir as ``
## gitlab
1. create the project
2. add a runner with docker-executor and network-connectivity to the gitolite-server
3. add a [secret variable] `GITLAB_MIRROR_SERVICE` with value as content of the private ssh-key of the user *gitlab-mirror-service*
4. add a [secret variable] `GITOLITE_SSH_FINGERPRINT` with the SSH-fingerprint of the gitolite-server
3. add a `.gitlab-ci.yml` with the following content:
- mirror
stage: mirror
name: alpine/git
entrypoint: [ "/bin/sh", "-c" ]
script: |
mkdir -p ~/.ssh
echo "${GITLAB_MIRROR_SERVICE}" > ~/.ssh/id_ecdsa
echo "${GITOLITE_SSH_FINGERPRINT}" > ~/.ssh/known_hosts
chmod go-rw -R ~/.ssh
cd /tmp
git clone --mirror ${CI_REPOSITORY_URL} project
cd project
git remote add gitolite
git push --mirror gitolite
- docker
_adjust the script-part according to your repository-name on the gitolite server_
Every push to the gitlab-repository now triggers the pipeline-job *gitolite-mirror* which mirror-pushes the entire repo to the gitolite-server.
[secret variable]:]
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