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# Docker-VuFind
# vufind-nginx
How VuFind can be deployed using Docker-Images, regardless of the environment.
This repository holds the Dockerfiles and VuFind-configuration for the Nginx-webserver.
## Image-Tags
The images are created via a gitlab-pipeline, see [.gitlab-ci.yml]. There are several tags which can be used:
Ziel dieses Projektes ist es, ein Set an Docker-Images zur Verfügung zu stellen, die für Entwicklungs-
Test- und Produktivumgebungen geeignet ist. Alle Dienste, die von VuFind benötigt werden, werden in
eigenen Images gekapselt. Die Schnittstellen zwischen den Diensten beschränken sich auf Datei- und
* `1.13-*`: points to a specific build. Each build is specified by a number. The higher, the latter.
* `1.13`: points to the latest build from the `1.13`-line. It is the same as the last `1.13-*`.
* `1`: points to the latest build from the `1`-line. If there will be a `1.14`-line it will point to that latest build.
* `latest`: always points to the latest build.
## Services
## create Images
Folgende Services sind im Ökosystem VuFind beteiligt. Nicht enthalten sind die Quellen von VuFind
selbst. Diese müssen per Volume-Bind zur Verfügung gestellt werden.
Pushing the Code to the Repository does nothing. Images are created via GIT-Tags.
git tag -a 1.13-2 -m 'minor optimization'
git push origin 1.13-2
_this will create a new image with a tag named `1.13-2`. Also the Tags `1.13`, `1`, and `latest` will point to this image._
Only Repository-Masters will be able to create a new Tag.
## Contribution
In case you want to contribute please fork and make a pull-request at [Gitlab-hosting of Leipzig University]. This is due to internal policies and the higher flexibility when it comes to build images and push to [Docker-Hub]
## Todo
* Solr
* Entwicklerwerkzeuge
* Tests
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[Gitlab-hosting of Leipzig University]:
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