Commit 81f8a89e authored by Steffen Köhler's avatar Steffen Köhler
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Corrected version reference of folio_checkin to 4.0.2

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......@@ -96,7 +96,7 @@ services:
--install-frontend-module folio_stripes-core-6.0.1
--install-frontend-module folio_licenses-5.0.1
--install-frontend-module folio_plugin-find-organization-2.2.0
--install-frontend-module folio_checkin-4.0.4
--install-frontend-module folio_checkin-4.0.2
--install-frontend-module folio_plugin-find-po-line-2.2.1
--install-frontend-module folio_myprofile-4.0.1
--install-frontend-module folio_inventory-5.0.6
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