Commit 9295e2ae authored by Niels Erik G. Nielsen's avatar Niels Erik G. Nielsen
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Remove outdated log

parent ba9f684b
......@@ -995,7 +995,6 @@ import com.indexdata.masterkey.localindices.util.MarcXMLToJson;
logger.log(Level.TRACE, "Delete request received: " + transformedRecord.getDelete().toJSONString());
JSONObject deletionJson = transformedRecord.getDelete();
if (ctxt.useInventoryUpsert) {"TODO: Implement delete signal to Inventory upsert: " + deletionJson.toJSONString());"Sending delete request to " + ctxt.inventoryUpsertUrl);
//HttpEntityEnclosingRequestBase httpDelete = new HttpEntityEnclosingRequestBase(ctxt.inventoryUpsertUrl);
HttpDeleteWithBody httpDelete = new HttpDeleteWithBody(ctxt.inventoryUpsertUrl);
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